WSU student's standing in and outside of the President of the University's office.
WSU student’s standing in and outside of the President of the University’s office. Together these student’s wait to deliver a letter on the behalf of black student and their allies. 

Who deserves RESPECT? Is that determined by your skin, your economic status, your GPA, monthly income, your environment? I ask again WHO deserves respect?

We Deserve RESPECT! 

We Deserve RESPECT! 

Black individuals deserve respect better yet we demand respect. Power to the people, power to these beautiful souls who raise their black voice in solidarity. Solidarity among each other. Many student’s on Wright State University’s campus participated in standing in solidarity with the University of Missouri, in short Mizzou. There the students are speaking out about institutionalized racism. We too feel the pain. Wright State students also protest about not feeling comfortable being a student at the University, a few shared their experience and calls out the hypocrisy of Wright state. In which, stands as an institution that is inclusive and diverse but in reality this is a lie. Therefore, the mass of students delivered a letter stating changes that needs to be addressed by those individuals with power. The students read the letters aloud to faulty staff that do not express concern for black students such as Vice President of Student Affairs Dan Abrahamowicz and President of the University John Hopkins.

We feel the pain of feeling unaccepted and uncomfortable in the classroom fully of white privilege.

We Too Demand Change!


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