I had the pleasure of meeting a successful African- American man by the name of Kenneth Graham last week, and I instantly knew we had to collab because his powerful words were mind blowing.


Kenneth A. Graham, Jr. was born on September 10, 1989 in Valdosta, Georgia. Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in the inner city neighborhoods of Avondale and Mt. Airy. From a young age, he was born to a single teenage mother at the age of 15 years old with a strict Christian upbringing. Kenneth dealt with a wide range of obstacles during his youth from being misdiagnosed with autism, growing up in a low-income environment, which is one of his greatest motivators which he uses to push himself to live a life of purpose and meaning. He is currently residing in Dayton, Ohio and has been there for six years.

Graham is a graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science. He is also a renowned motivational speaker, educator, community activist, and minister. He speaks to various urban schools, colleges and universities, as well as organizations and ministries across the country, reminding them to pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose and potential. He has also done work with the City of Dayton Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence, various mentoring programs, and is currently partnered with the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools and aspires to join on the CDF Freedom School Board. His message derives from the Gospel and truths of Jesus Christ.

He is the author of his latest book Discovering and Activating Your Inside Potential, which has made appearances on WWSU 106.9, which is sponsored by Wright State University, Authors Talk About It Podcast, One Church Media Ministry, as well as DATV (Dayton Access Television). He is currently involved with Toastmasters International, The Neighborhood Leadership Institute in Dayton, Ohio, The Miami Valley Organizing Collaborative where he focuses primarily on the state of education.


Support brother Kenneth by purchasing a copy of Discovering and Activating Your Inside Potential


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